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Welcome to my portfolio - glad you made it!

Here you will find applications, games, websites and more things that I have made over the years. You can even check out my personal game achievements if you are interested in that!

You can simply navigate through my portfolio by using the navigation menu on the left. If you are searching for something specific, try using tags or the search function.

Game Engine 3

This is one of my most ambitious projects.

Back in the day when Unity3 and UDK were one of the most popular game engines to use, I just missed the user-friendlyness of those game engines.

This inspired me to create a game engine which is more user-friendly and easy to use to speed up the game creation proces.

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Pinball Canal

Pinball Canal is a boat racing game created by a team of six men within seven weeks.

This team consisted of two game developers (me as a developer) and four game artists. Our teachers put the best developers and artists together for this project and I was honored to be a part of this.

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C++ Win32 UI Lib v1.10

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